Timmins taxpayers should have some serious concerns.

When comparing the tax rate in Timmins to other similar size communities in Northern Ontario, it is obvious that the taxpayers of Timmins should have some serious concerns.  As an Association, we recognize this issue and we are committed to bringing important issues forward to City Council and Staff.  We are prepared to work with City Staff and Council to look for solutions that will bring better value to the taxpaying dollars that are being spent.  We will advocate on behalf of taxpayers for transparency of current financial issues and accountability for where money is being spent.  We hope to be part of the solution to the declining economy in Timmins and we will work with City Staff and Council to look for ways to increase employment opportunities, stimulate business development, attract new industries, all while maintaining quality public services in a fiscally responsible manner. Our Mission Statement: The Association will communicate with Timmins Council and City Staff in a civilized and non-confrontational manner on budget issues because we believe that a lower tax rate is achievable.


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Jack Dugas Director, Timmins Taxpayers Association